Graham House | Executive Chef

Chef Graham House spent ten years honing his style at world-renowned restaurants around the globe such Osteria Del Bouche in Lake Como, Italy; Redd in Yountville, California; 4th & Swift in Atlanta; as well as serving as the Executive Sous Chef at Prospect in San Francisco under Chefs Nancy Oakes and Pam Mazzola.

Having cultivated a deep a reverence for local, seasonal produce and agriculture throughout his career, his dishes are an expression of his personal style: fresh, vegetable-forward new cuisine. Combining bold flavors and aesthetics, he applies a snout-to-tail carnivore’s approach to produce, using the entire vegetable by employing techniques such as fermenting, dehydrating, and pickling. Though not a vegetarian chef, of his own approach he says, “Proteins are normally an after thought when it comes to creating a dish.”

Making his homecoming to Asheville at Sovereign Remedies, Chef House exercises his full creative control of the menu to the fullest. Working with a local contracted farm, Patchwork Urban Farms, as well as other local purveyors gives him and his team of hand-selected cooks a plethora of beautiful, seasonal produce to incorporate into his creative dishes. 

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Melissa "Sugar" Thalman | General Manager

After completing her Bachelor’s at the University of Southern California, Melissa spent a decade in finance before starting a boutique artisanal confectionary in San Francisco. Already deeply immersed in the sustainable food and beverage community of The Bay Area, it was during her time as an entrepreneur that she began working in bars and restaurants to supplement her income. Falling madly in love with restaurant culture and seeing a management-level need for her background in finance, operations, systems, analysis, and problem-solving, she pivoted her career to a role in which her resource-oriented leadership style could be cultivated further in an exciting and fun industry.

With a rich appreciation for authentic and warm hospitality, at Sovereign Remedies, the California native has embraced the opportunity to finally work with her dear friend, Chef Graham House, and to partner with Charlie Hodge in his endeavor to grow thoughtful culinary culture in Asheville, North Carolina. Together with their staff they are contributing to a more sustainable food system and offering a unique and beautiful experience to their community and visitors.