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When Creatives Collide

Peek inside the minds behind our brand and the history that has made us into who we are today.

It's been over seven years since Sovereign Remedies first opened its doors to welcome guests and treat them to evenings of genuine connections, superior cocktails and decadent food.


It's no secret it was an immediate hit, and just like that, a new Asheville 'must' was born. Thriving year after year, our highly celebrated cocktails gained a reputation that would bring visitors from all over the country to our cozy corner. Everyone looking for their slice of Sovereign love until the pandemic happened.

That's when Charlie Hodge, owner and creator of the space, first met Brian Konutko, our now creative marketing director. And even though this time was tainted with fear and uncertainty, they both saw that it could also be an opportunity to start anew.

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Reignition of the brand.

Lead by Charlie's strong vision, Brian quickly and seamlessly took over our online presence, not only helping realize the new aesthetics design that would become an essential part of the space's everyday tangibles such as menus, coasters and signage, but also all of the photography and creative writing for our websites, social media and press.

Meet Brian Konutko, the one-stop shop wonder.

With over fifteen years of experience in the field and industry, Brian's expertise in communication, media and design allow him to cover all the bases and do whatever needs to be done to share the message and tell our story. Walking the line between the worlds of business and art in perfect balance.


"It's a poetic approach to marketing, one that is based on captivating the audience with beauty and delighting them with layers of detail, a genuine message and quality work." - Says Brian.

And that he does. Everything you see here was created by him. From photography, graphics, art, videos and articles to web design and even all of our website upkeep and back-end SEO.

Strategy and content creation is his second nature. And with an amazing team working together to provide that unique Sovereign Remedies experience, Brian's source of inspiration stays as ignited today as it was nearly two years ago when he first met Charlie.

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214124Asset 7_4x.png

Explore more of Brian's work​.

Sovereign Remedies is part of Hodgepitality, a restaurant and bar group that also owns and runs Asheville Beauty Academy and the Getaway River Bar. Brian is the media creator for all locations, adapting to each bar's brand and style as needed.

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