History & Overview

Sovereign Remedies was opened in October of 2014, by Charlie Hodge and his partner Sunil Patel bringing together years of work in the hospitality industry with years of farming the land.   Sovereign Remedies is housed in the New Medical Building on North Market St.  A seven story building, it was once was office space for Asheville’s doctors and dentists, a drug store and barber shop, it now houses a wide variety of law, engineering, and environmental protection agencies, as well as our dear friends at Herbiary.


Somewhere between warm and regal the space is filled with visual treasures of vintage service-ware, rich black and gold curtains, and locally built furniture and fixtures by Iron Maiden Studios.  The 14-foot high windows dominating two of our walls, allow for plants to thrive by filling the room with natural light during the day.  At night soft lights and candles create an inviting glow for guests and passersby.  Since opening in the main room we have expanded with a dinning area in our mezzanine and worked with the city to utilize former street parking for an outdoor patio.

The term Sovereign Remedies was discovered while reading about the great history of the Appalachian Mountains. As the area did not allow for easy access many families found and created their own medicine; this proprietary knowledge was know as each family’s Sovereign Remedy.  This concept fuses perfectly with our ethos in that the cherished bottles those early settlers filled with local medicinal herbs to care for themselves and their families reflects the way we bring together the local bounty of the Appalachian region to care for our guests and visitors, our own Sovereign Remedy.

Chef Bert Sheffield

Chef Bert Sheffield was born into a family of food lovers and makers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  The concept that food is healing, romantic and always heartfelt was ingrained into his ideology at an early age.  Following in his father’s footsteps, many long days/nights as a youth were spent in the kitchen learning the ways of the family catering business.


As Chef Bert became more experienced and his passion for the arts grew, he made his food homage to Atlanta, Georgia.  The respected food city of Atlanta  is where he eventually found homes in notable establishments such as, “The Spotted Trotter Charcuterie”, “Sauced”, and “4th and Swift”.  Like any artisan, he wanted to expand his repertoire to other sectors of the industry to become as well rounded as possible.  Chef Bert spent a few years on the coast in Johns Island and Charleston, South Carolina experimenting with the Southern Coastal approach to it’s fresh seafood abundance.  Feeling that he had grasped a solid understanding of that cuisine, Mr. Sheffield again made a shift that landed him in the halls of Sovereign Remedies, and we couldn’t be more pleased with that decision.


During Chef Bert’s time with us, he has showcased a refined palate with great attention to his roots, indigenous seasonal products and the talents acquired along his professional journey.  You will find that he blends these styles seamlessly and incorporates a dietary healing component to his dishes that make you feel whole and nourished.  Chef derives great pleasure in making his guests not only ooh and ahh over the visual beauty of his food, but also leave feeling well taken care of.


Along with Chef’s many other honed skills, he also practices whole animal butchery and serves as an educator to farms with sustainable practices.  Sample Sovereign Remedies charcuterie offerings to fully understand his knack for seeing this process, with a watchful eye, from the farm to your plate.