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Asheville’s Go-To for Craft Cocktails: The Sovereign Remedies Experience

Nestled amidst the scenic backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville pulses with an artistic spirit and historic charm. In a city famed for its cocktail scene, we, at Sovereign Remedies, proudly offer a distinct mixological experience that we've carefully crafted for you.

Stepping into Sovereign Remedies is like taking a delightful journey through time. Our home at the corner of Market and Walnut streets seamlessly blends history with contemporary flair. The ambiance we've fostered is both reminiscent of yesteryears and perfectly in tune with today's tastes.

Craft Cocktails

Our handcrafted cocktail menu is where tradition meets innovation. Our 'Sovereign Classics' showcase timeless concoctions. The No. 27, for instance, is a sublime dance of sour mash whiskey, cardamaro, ginger, fresh lemon, and bitters. On the other hand, our Root Daiquiri invites you on an adventure, as aged rum harmonizes with the rustic notes of sarsaparilla, dandelion, and burdock.

But we're always dreaming, always innovating. Seasonal sensations like The Brightener intertwine vodka, cardamaro, coffee liquor, Irish cream, and cold brew for an invigorating embrace. Neptune's Baptism, resplendent in its vibrant hue, is our tribute to nature, artfully blending vodka with Eda Rhine Amaro Flora, Dolin Blanc, and a hint of blue curaçao.

We haven’t forgotten those who prefer to savor flavors without the spirits. Our 'ZERO Proof Cocktails' are crafted with as much love and creativity as their alcoholic counterparts. The festive Gingy and the rejuvenating Revival Tour are testament to that passion.

Rooted in Asheville

Our cocktails aren't just about taste; they're stories of Asheville. Each sip is a testament to fresh, local ingredients, our cherished relationships with neighborhood businesses, and our commitment to sourcing the best from regional farms. Every drink is a piece of the Asheville community we're so proud to be a part of.

More Than Just Drinks

While our cocktails might be the initial draw, we invite you to stay for the culinary journey. From artfully curated Charcuterie Plates to seasonal specialties, our dishes are heartfelt expressions of global flavors and local ingredients. And if late night calls for it, our diverse bar bites promise to satiate every craving.

An Invitation

Asheville is a city of countless wonders, and at Sovereign Remedies, we've carved out a little nook that we believe is truly special. Whether you’re an Asheville native or a traveler seeking the heart of our city, we invite you into our world. Here, every drink isn't just a beverage—it's a memory waiting to be made.

Article & Photography by Brian Konutko


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