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Meet Our Neighbors: The Herbiary

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

At Sovereign Remedies, we're fortunate to share our Asheville neighborhood with an array of extraordinary establishments, each adding their unique flavor to our vibrant community. Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to one of our most cherished neighbors, the Herbiary. A haven for herbal enthusiasts and a monument to natural wellness, the Herbiary brings a touch of the extraordinary to our everyday lives.


One step through the Herbiary's doors, and you're transported to a different era — a time when wellness and nature were more intimately intertwined. Here, you'll find a diverse collection of herbs and botanicals, from the locally recognized to the globally celebrated.

Mary, a resident herbalist at the Herbiary, is a fount of wisdom, offering insights that extend well beyond the culinary uses of herbs and delve into their health and healing properties. Her deep knowledge and infectious passion for herbs are truly inspiring.

Recently, our own Brian Konutko, had the pleasure of exploring this unique partnership further. He stepped next door to engage in an enlightening conversation with Mary, exploring the world of botanicals and bitters in more depth. His experience, beautifully articulated in his latest article, offers an exclusive glimpse into the harmonious collaboration between Sovereign Remedies and the Herbiary.

Brian's piece skillfully weaves a story of shared growth and mutual passion, showcasing how this partnership has influenced our inventive cocktail menu, where the bounty of the Herbiary meets the creative spark of our mixologists. If you're intrigued and wish to dive deeper into this captivating narrative, we encourage you to read his full feature.

Yet, beyond the tales recounted in Brian's feature, we cordially invite you to discover the Herbiary for yourself. Wander through its inviting aisles, converse with the knowledgeable team, and uncover the magic nestled within Asheville's botanical treasure trove. After all, what better way to truly immerse yourself in our community than by getting to know our neighbors?

And perhaps, on your next visit to Sovereign Remedies, you'll find a new appreciation for the herbs swirling in your cocktail, knowing they're more than just flavors — they're a testament to the vibrant community that makes Asheville truly special.


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