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Rekindling the Culinary Flame: The Evolving Voyage of Sovereign Remedies

At the heart of Asheville’s bustling food scene, Sovereign Remedies has always been more than just a restaurant. It’s a testament to the culinary vision of its owner and now executive chef, Charlie Hodge. Amidst the rhythm of clattering pans and the aroma of fresh herbs, Charlie found himself falling back in love with the essence of cooking, rekindling a flame that burns brighter than ever.

A Sustainable and Local Approach

Charlie's culinary philosophy is deeply rooted in sustainability and a close connection to the local food ecosystem. His daily visits to farmers markets are more than a routine; they're a ritual that brings him closer to the community and the seasonal bounties it offers. This hands-on approach often leads to spontaneous menu innovations, reflecting the fresh produce available. It's not merely about sourcing ingredients locally, but about weaving the local narrative into the dining experience at Sovereign Remedies.

The kitchen is where Charlie feels most at home, and stepping into the role of executive chef was a natural evolution. This transition was fueled further by the collaborative spirit he shares with sous chefs Evan and Gabriel. Together, they embark on culinary explorations, each contributing a unique flavor to the creative process. Their camaraderie is the secret ingredient that makes every dish special.

Menu and Dish Innovation

Innovation at Sovereign Remedies is driven by the seasons, with Charlie visiting farmers 2-4 times a week to source fresh produce. Some notable dishes include the fried oysters on a cream of corn with local chorizo, and a variety of pasta dishes. The menu is a canvas, where humanely sourced meats, seafood, and vegetables paint a delicious picture of Asheville's culinary landscape.

Evan Reid and Gabriel Barrett, the titled sous chefs, bring a wealth of experience from high-end establishments, adding their distinct touch to the culinary creations. The collaborative ethos among the team fosters a culture of continuous learning and creativity, making the kitchen a hub of culinary innovation.

The systemic shift towards a more collaborative culinary approach transcends the boundaries of Sovereign Remedies, signaling a movement towards creating enriching, collective culinary experiences. It's about moving beyond just making food, to creating memories and stories that guests carry with them.

Anticipating the Winter Menu

As winter approaches, the menu at Sovereign Remedies is set to warm the soul. A savory and warming Cassoulet with beans and sausage is being considered, and being in an apple region, apples might feature prominently in the winter menu, embodying the comforting and hearty flavors of the season.

Charlie reflects on the tradition of cooking as a basic yet profound practice. It's about honoring culinary traditions while embracing innovation, a philosophy that makes Sovereign Remedies a cherished locale for food aficionados.

As Sovereign Remedies continues to evolve, Charlie's story is a reminder of the boundless possibilities that come with a heart full of passion and a kitchen full of fresh, local ingredients.

Article & Photography by Brian Konutko


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