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What food is Asheville known for? The Quintessential Tastes of a Southern Food Haven

Updated: May 30, 2023

Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville, North Carolina, is a city with a unique culinary story to tell. This bustling metropolis, steeped in Appalachian tradition and Southern charm, is a haven for food enthusiasts. Sovereign Remedies, deeply rooted in this vibrant community, is proud to be part of the city's diverse gastronomic tapestry.

Food Asheville is known for

Asheville's Culinary Claim to Fame

The food Asheville is known for is as diverse as the city itself. Asheville's culinary landscape is an eclectic mix of traditional and modern, defined by the use of local produce, commitment to farm-to-table practices, and the innovative reinterpretation of traditional Appalachian and Southern dishes. It's a place where Smoky Mountain trout coexists with artisanal cheese, where fried chicken meets vegan delicacies, and where moonshine finds its place beside craft beer. Asheville is renowned for its cornbread and biscuits, barbecued meats, fresh mountain trout, and, of course, its vibrant array of locally grown fruits and vegetables. The city's cuisine is a reflection of its rich heritage and the natural abundance of the Appalachian region.

The Asheville Food Tapestry: A Historical Perspective

The history of Asheville's cuisine is a tapestry woven from the threads of traditional Appalachian foodways and a contemporary focus on farm-to-table practices. The ancestors of this region, utilizing the abundant natural resources at their disposal, created a cuisine that was wholesome, hearty, and tied deeply to the land. Today, this gastronomic heritage is still alive and well, and can be sampled in every corner of the city.

The Southern Heartbeat: Asheville's Signature Dishes

Asheville's food scene, like any other, is defined by a few key dishes that speak volumes about the city's history, culture, and local produce. Sovereign Remedies is proud to present a few such dishes, each embodying the heart and soul of Asheville and the South.

Smoked, Fried Fingerling Taters: A Homage to Appalachian Tradition

best asheville eats, southern Taters

Our Smoked, Fried Fingerling Taters are more than just a plate of potatoes. Each bite takes you on a journey into the heart of traditional Southern cuisine. The fingerlings, locally sourced and perfectly smoked, are served with a trio of sauces - Guajillo Ketchup, Pepper Rouille, and Herb Aioli - each element adding to the symphony of flavors that is quintessentially Asheville.

David’s Cast Iron Cornbread: The Soul of Southern Cuisine

asheville eating corn bread homemade

No Southern meal is complete without a helping of warm, comforting cornbread. Our take on this staple, David’s Cast Iron Cornbread, is a nod to the city's rich gastronomic heritage. Made with local NC Cornmeal and served with Roasted Pepper Butter and a drizzle of sweet Sorghum, this dish encapsulates the simple yet profound flavors of Southern cooking.

Spring Salad: Celebrating Asheville’s Bountiful Produce

best asheville eats

Asheville’s dedication to fresh ingredients shines through in our Spring Salad. This dish, a celebration of Asheville’s seasonal produce, pairs Rosé Marinated Strawberries with local Fancy Lettuce, Basil Whipped Ricotta, and Black Pepper Peanuts. It’s brought together by a sweet and tangy Maple Vinaigrette, creating a refreshing medley that captures the essence of Asheville in spring

Mama's Squash Casserole and Cajun Pineapple Heritage Pork Collar: A Nod to Southern Comfort

what food asheville is known for casserole

Our Squash Casserole and Cajun Pineapple Heritage Pork Collar are the epitome of Southern comfort food, with a gourmet twist. These dishes, like Asheville itself, are a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, showcasing the heartwarming flavors of the South in a new light.

The Taste of Asheville at Sovereign Remedies

Asheville's food scene is a testament to its rich history, diverse culture, and commitment to sustainability. At Sovereign Remedies, we take immense pride in contributing to this legacy, serving dishes that resonate with the authentic flavors of Asheville. Our doors are always open to those who wish to embark on a culinary adventure, experiencing the tastes and aromas that make Asheville a Southern food haven. Content and Photography by Brian Konutko


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