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From Clay to Cuisine: The Story of Sovereign Remedies' Artisanal Soup Bowls

Asheville is a place where community and creativity intersect, the Soup Kitchen at Sovereign Remedies is more than just a culinary event—it's a celebration of local artistry and collaboration. At the center of this convergence are two remarkable individuals: Anne Kimmel, a ceramic artist with a passion for the tactile and emotional art of pottery, and Charlie Hodge, the visionary owner of Sovereign Remedies.

Anne's journey into the world of ceramics is a colorful mosaic of artistic endeavors. From the expressive strokes of painting to the intricate details of weaving, from the transformative power of glass blowing to the dynamic world of motion pictures, Anne has explored a spectrum of creative avenues. Her friend Libby's suggestion to attend a one-night class at Odyssey Clayworks turned into a newfound passion, immersing Anne in the world of pottery. It’s at Odyssey, a hub for creativity and community in Asheville’s Historic River Arts District, where Anne found her artistic home.

A bit of history: It all began when Charlie opened the doors of Sovereign Remedies nearly ten years ago. Intrigued and impressed, Anne, who lived nearby, was one of the first to welcome him to the neighborhood, eventually bringing her friends to introduce them to this new culinary gem. From her window, she could see the inviting glow of Sovereign Remedies, a new comforting presence in the community. This was the beginning of a friendship rooted in mutual admiration for art and local culture.

A Collaboration Born from Community: Anne’s work at Odyssey Clayworks, surrounded by a myriad of artistic influences, fueled her creative energy. She found solace in the meditative process of working with clay, celebrating each piece's unique character. When Charlie lent his hand in some metalwork for Anne, he discovered her exceptional ceramic creations. Inspired, he proposed a collaboration for Sovereign Remedies' Soup Kitchen, featuring her handcrafted bowls.

Celebrating Local Artistry: Anne's exclusive designs for Sovereign Remedies—a collection of soup bowls, matching plates, and a chic white wine cooler—exemplify her belief in creativity's power to evoke emotion. Each piece, a testament to Anne's artistic journey, brings a special touch to the Soup Kitchen experience. During the Soup Kitchen Pop Up, Anne's creations will not only serve up delectable dishes but also be available for purchase, offering patrons a chance to own a piece of local artistry.

The Heart of Artistic Growth: Anne’s haven, Odyssey Clayworks, is more than a studio; it's a cornerstone of Asheville's art scene. Offering an array of pottery classes and workshops, it stands as a testament to the city’s dedication to fostering artistic talent and community connection. Here, artists of all levels find inspiration and a sense of belonging, echoing the inclusive spirit of Asheville.

An Invitation to Explore and Engage: This collaboration between Anne and Sovereign Remedies is more than a fusion of art and cuisine; it's a celebration of passions pursued and dreams realized. We invite you to experience this unique melding of flavors and artistry at the Soup Kitchen. Come support local talent, indulge in the warmth of community, and perhaps, be inspired to embark on your own journey of artistic exploration.

As Anne’s ceramic bowls grace the tables of Sovereign Remedies, they symbolize the beautiful interplay of art, community, and culinary delight. This story isn’t just about pottery or food; it’s about the spirit of Asheville—a community where every turn offers a new opportunity to create, connect, and cherish the local culture.

Article by Brian Konutko

Mentions: Anne Kimmel Odyssey Clayworks


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